Our Technology
innovating PCR multiplexing for biomarker detection

Our Platform
HDPCR™ + ChromaCode Cloud

Typically labs have to choose between the speed, ease, and affordability of digital or real-time PCR and the high complexity results of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS). With HDPCR, using streamlined analysis tools, you can generate critical and complete data without additional applicable information.

Our HDPCR technology allows you to take your lab to the next level without the high-cost of implementing NGS. Whether you’re developing oncology or other genomic applications, our technology platform gives you the flexibility and scalability you need. We combine robust chemistry with our proprietary software to do what others cannot-advance multiplexing through data science.

Pushing Boundaries, Advancing Science: Innovating Lab Technology

Powerful multiplexing
using standard protocols

HDPCR chemistry uses standard TaqMan probes and commercial enzymes to enable extraordinary levels of multiplexing. Using unique methods such as amplitude modulation and multi-spectral encoding, the number of analytes and reportables that can be compressed in a single well exceeds any competing technologies.

Powerful multiplexing using standard protocols - ChromaCode
Accelerated workflows with automated decoding - ChromaCode

Accelerated workflows
with automated decoding

Decoding of PCR signal data is fully automated and achieved using our software platform ChromaCode Cloud. Comprehensive results are obtained in minutes and give an unprecedented level of accuracy.

HDPCR can give you:

  • Ability to scale up or down depending on demand
  • NGS-quality, multi-analyte results across both clinical and research panels
  • Cost-effectiveness with no instrument installation or upgrade needed

Leverage HDPCR
for rapid, comprehensive insights

Seamlessly integrate our technology into your existing lab workflows

HDPCR uses common instrument platforms, standard sample extraction protocols and routine PCR setup procedures to enable easy adoption. This simplifies integration into your existing lab infrastructure allowing you to quickly experience the benefits of our technology.