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Empowering your lab with advanced
molecular profiling and unprecedented multiplexing capability

We are redefining molecular testing in oncology and other genomic applications through patented innovations in multiplexing and data analytics. Our HDPCR™ technology couples widely used robust chemistries with cloud-based software on existing dPCR instruments to enable:

  • Users to analyze results remotely
  • Multiple-target testing consolidated into single color channels allowing for 4x more multiplexing with no performance trade-offs
  • Faster results for improved decision making and better outcomes
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ChromaCode’s HDPCR technology amplifies the molecular profiling potential of your lab by allowing you to conduct in-house molecular profiling without the high costs and complexities associated with implementing next-generation sequencing (NGS). HDPCR incorporates unique advances in chemistry and software, thereby providing an unprecedented level of multiplexing unattainable with traditional digital PCR (dPCR).
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Built for the future of genomics, our comprehensive HDPCR technology allows you to create rapid, multiplexed assays quickly on any dPCR instrument, ultimately leading to timely insights. Quality genomic solutions can be obtained without compromise.

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