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Connecting patients to the right treatment through smarter, more accessible diagnostics

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Our HDPCR™ platform combines novel data science and biochemistry to:

  • Improve patient results by delivering accurate and comprehensive diagnostics
  • Enhance physicians’ access to information by making clinically-actionable data readily available
  • Reduce healthcare costs by delivering high-quality, low-cost Dx tools

Working together to connect your lab to the right solutions

Our team at ChromaCode is made up of data scientists, molecular biologists, software engineers and employees—all working with one goal in mind: to drive down healthcare costs for all through more accessible diagnostics.

We’re proud that our team is diverse in both experience and culture—learning from each other as we pioneer advancements across the clinical and research spaces.

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Driving towards the future of healthcare with each step

2011 HDPCR idea percolated at CalTech 2013 A. Rajagopal publishes on HDPCR 2014 Core HDPCR patents issued 2015 Series A funding used to start ChromaCode 2020 MDR and SARS-CoV-2 launch First prototype assay for multiplexed respiratory 2016 viruses using existing qPCR instruments Series B funding used to move 2017 into product development 2019 Series C funding Expansion of technology-added dPCR to qPCR capabilities, 2017 expanded coding schemes from binary to resilient Technology and first product launched-Tick-Borne Pathogen Panel 2018 Demonstrated HDPCR technology on digital PCR (dPCR), 2021 XPRIZE High-ThroughputAward Winner SARS-CoV-2 2022 HDPCR Assays for Oncologyand NIPT under development

Great products start with great values

At ChromaCode, our values mean everything. Aligning with them allows us to deliver the products and services our customers deserve.

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  • We make data-driven decisions
  • We are smart about the risks we take
  • We are proud to show our work and we embrace scrutiny
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  • We rely on each other
  • We treat each other with respect
  • We are fair and honest with our colleagues and customers
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  • We create quality solutions that thrill customers
  • We are milestone- and goal-oriented
  • We work intelligently to deliver on-time, on-spec and on-budget
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  • We take joy in solving customers’ problems
  • We publicize individual and company achievements
  • We celebrate success